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The Artist is Absent: Schedule

All performance times are approximate and will vary depending on the flow of the day. Performance is, after all, somewhat uncertain. We will not be starting any piece before the given time.

Relation in Time

Amy Agony and Bryn Kelly. (c) Quito Ziegler

Time Doorway Upstairs Downstairs
10:00am Imponderabilia Nude With Skeleton
11:00am Imponderabilia Nude With Skeleton
12:00pm Imponderabilia Breathing in/Breathing out


Freeing the Voice
1:00pm Imponderabilia Relation in Space Freeing the Voice
2:00pm Imponderabilia Rhythm 10 Freeing the Voice
3:00pm Imponderabilia Cleaning the Mirror #1
4:00pm Imponderabilia Cleaning the Mirror #1
5:00pm Imponderabilia Incision Rhythm 0
6:00pm Imponderabilia AAA-AAA

Breathing in/Breathing out

Rhythm 0
7:00pm Imponderabilia Spirit House: Dissolution
Spirit House: Luminosity
Spirit House: Insomnia
Rhythm 0
8:00pm Imponderabilia Spirit House: Dissolution
Spirit House: Luminosity
Spirit House: Insomnia
Rhythm 0
9:00pm Imponderabilia Rhythm 0
10:00pm Imponderabilia Balance Proof Rhythm 0
11:00pm Imponderabilia Light/Dark
12:00am Relation in Time

For Immediate Release

NYC Artists to Present Alternative

Abramović Retrospective May 29th

The Artist Is Absent Honors Performance Art Pioneer as MoMA Show Closes

The Artist Is Absent

Curated by Daniel Lang/Levitsky, Ariel Speedwagon & Quito Ziegler

May 29th, 2010 – 10:00 am to 1:00 am

25CPW Gallery – 25 Central Park West, Manhattan

For more information email:


On the occasion of the closing weekend of Marina Abramović’s retrospective The Artist is Present, a group of NYC artists and performers will present reperformances of some of Abramović’s best-known works at 25CPW gallery under the title The Artist is Absent.

The show, curated by Ariel Speedwagon, Daniel Lang/Levitsky & Quito Ziegler, will give New Yorkers the opportunity to experience works by Abramović and Abramović/Ulay in a context closer to their original presentation.

The works included will center on the physically and emotionally intense performance pieces through which Abramović has been most influential, including “Imponderabilia,” “Freeing the Voice,” and “Rhythm 0.”  The group of performers draws heavily from the queer, transgender and BDSM/leather/kink communities, whose connections to Abramović’s work are frequently alluded to but rarely made explicit.

The Artist is Absent presents an alternative approach to reperformance than the one displayed at the MoMA, performing her works sequentially rather than in crowded galleries; by performers with a more varied and contrasting group of bodies; placing the exchange between audience and performer at the heart of the work.  The curators’ challenge to the MoMA’s retrospective aims to preseve the vitality and energy of Abramovic’s work and honor her achievements as a pioneer both of performance art and of re-performance.